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Paper Rainbow and AEDM Day 1

The paint sample aisle at the hardware store is by far my favorite place in the joint; so many colors, so many possibilities…

So when I received this paper sampler in anticipation of creating some blank Me-Mo books/journals, I just had to take a picture of how awesome the fan of colors looked. I wish I could hang this on my wall.

In other news, here’s a peek at my Art Every Day Month submission for Day 1-

Yeah, that’s me. Sort of. We’ll see how much more “me” I look when I do another self-portrait at the end of the month!

Art Every Day Month

I pulled the trigger and signed up for Leah’s “Art Every Day Month” challenge, which starts tomorrow. Click here for all the details & how to join.

I’ll be using the month to work my way through this book  and workbook-

drawing on the right side of the brain books(You might recognize the titles from this previous post)

I love doodling for it’s playfulness and ability to easily communicate ideas, but I really want to be able to draw people. And, you know, have it actually look like the person I’m drawing, which requires an entirely different approach than doodling. Thinking about how much better I could be at this simply by committing to daily practice for one month was what motivated me to sign up for the Art Every Day Month.

Here’s links for the new Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book and workbook if you’re interested in giving it a go as well.

I’ll be sharing my AEDM posts and drawing progress on my Today I Created blog, with highlights of how it’s going on this blog. If you decide to participate, let me know & we can be art buddies or something!