So This Happened…

Last fall Chronicle Books put out a call for Instagram photo submissions for a book to be titled, This Is Happening, #Life through the Lens of Instagram.


This is the book.

And as it turns out, one of photos that I submitted made it into the book.

this-is-happening-my-photoI had no idea it had been officially accepted until my contributor copies arrived in the mail last week.

It’s kind of exciting and fun to see a photo of mine in a book. That will be on bookshelves. In book stores. That I’ll be able to visit and reshelf in more conspicuous places for customers to discover. Maybe I’ll leave little sticky notes in them saying “hi” on my page.

The book comes out in November, but it’s currently available for pre-order on Amazon. You know, just in case you wanted to get a jump on your Christmas shopping or something.

By the way, here’s the actually photo, not in book form-


I have to say, my favorite thing about having a smartphone is being able to take pictures with it. A smartphone is tool for creating that you ALWAYS have with you, or most of us do anyways. Snapping phone pics is a great way to start examining the world around you more closely, either as a way to be more present in your surroundings or to get you out of your head and distract you from your thoughts. I started using Instagram during the spring of last year when my father was sick in the hospital. It became this creative diversion from the upsetting roller coaster ride my family and I were experiencing. I’m not one to make art to express my innermost thoughts and feelings, but I did find comfort at times in the distraction of looking for interesting things to photograph. So I guess that’s a form of art therapy, maybe? Who knows.

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  1. Annie

    That is so cool, Nicole! And I love the foto.

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