Project 300 Update #4


Confession: I’m a little behind on my Project 300. This is a actually a screenshot of the Evernote note where I’ve been keeping reminders of days that I wanted snap, doodle, and jot about for my Project 300.

How have I gotten so behind? Simple answer, I haven’t been taking the 10 to 15 minutes each day to print photos, journal, or doodle about the previous day due to trips out town, busy weekends, and days I’ve let slip by. So now I’ll be playing catch up if I want to include these days. But rather than starting from back where I fell behind and rushing to catch up, I’m starting from today to complete the previous day’s Project 300 entry (if there is one), and then committing to make up at least one previous day until all they are caught up. This way I don’t continue to accrue more days of being behind and these feelings of disappointment and dread that accompany them.

As for my plans to do better, I’m reminding myself WHY I’m doing this, because that’s where my motivation ultimately lies. I want reminders of our days as a family, of Jack at this age, of those little moments that are all too easy to let slip by. And while this was also an exercise in committing to a (almost) daily project and experimenting media and styles was part of this project, I need to remember that perfection can be a project killer if you let yourself get hung up on it. I’m looking at HOW I can improve through renewed commitment or through smarter daily practices. Perhaps I need to keep my phone (since that’s what most of my pictures are taken with lately) and my travel watercolor kit, along with some card stock & watercolor paper close by at all times so I can act more immediately, rather than add it to my “To Do” list for later. Or maybe I need to make updating my Project 300 the first thing I do each morning.

What about any of you? Still working on a Project 300 or other daily-ish type projects? What helps you stay on track?

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  1. So far this year I have participated in 61 days of ICAD (index card art); 24 days of doodling; doodle art camp 8 days of on- line art camp; 32 of the 36 weeks of life book 2013; 4 days at an artful journey art retreat, just to name a few. I have been enjoying the time of my life. Some items are posted on my blog Stop on by.

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