Project 300: Update #3

I know, I know, it’s been forever since I shared a Project 300 update, but I really have been keeping up with it, I swear! Granted, it’s not been on a daily basis and I’ve been catching up and filling in missing entries every couple of weeks, but I’m still going and I hope you are, too!

Here are my entries from the end of February to the end of March-

project300_046-051 project300_052-057 project300_058-063 project300_070-075

As you can see, it’s still a random mix of media and techniques. I’ve incorporated bits of ephemera and souvenirs from certain days, played with photo apps to create collages and text over photos (Phonto is fun for Android), tried handwriting labels for photos using Avery address labels, doodled in pen and painted with my watercolors.

I honestly couldn’t say which technique is my favorite, since I love snapping camera phone pics as much as I love playing with the watercolors. It really does just depend on the day’s word to decide best captures what I want to remember.

How about you? Still working towards a Project 300 of your own? Let me know how you’re doing in the comments section.

Take care,Nicole


  1. nancy

    love it! just ran across your site when doing a google search for drawing cute things–i don’t have the patience to go through many hits, so you must be doing something right if I landed here :)

    Just wanted to say, I love this Project 300 idea. I have just started drawing again after many years and I am an IT professional by day–which leaves me very little room for creativity during the days. However, I’ve recently started sketching as a part of some website designs, which led me to picking up a few sketchbooks, then cute colored pencils, then cute fine tip markers, then, well, the list goes on and on…:) There is some amount of satisfaction I get from my notes and “to-do” lists being on the visually pleasing and creative side. I cannot explain but I think you get it! I have also just started drawing on the Paper app on my ipad and Procreate–all really fun. Anyway, this is the PERFECT project for me as I want to make it a point to draw daily as I think it’s good for me, but I do have trouble getting started so this is perfect.

    Good luck!

    • That’s great how you’re squeezing creativity into your day, Nancy! I’m a total sucker for fun art supplies and the inspiration they can provide, so long as I don’t get caught up in their “preciousness” and actually USE them- lol!
      Last year I started my photo/text/doodle documenting project, which then morphed into daily watercolor doodles for my son’s lunch box this school year in kindergarten…four more drawings and I’ll have done one for every school day of kindergarten! Knowing that I had an audience (my son) looking forward to them each school day really helped keep me motivated, even on days when I just wasn’t feeling it, and it gave me outlet to play with project ideas I have.
      Good luck with your own projects, now and in the future! -nicole

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