I posted a picture of this on Instagram on Monday, but here’s my big $1.50 “gardening” project from this weekend and how I did it.

  1. Hit up Target or the dollar store for a cheap plastic dinosaur (mine was off the dollar bin at Target.)
  2. Find a sad little pack of succulents on the clearance shelf at the garden center for 50 cents.
  3. Paint your dinosaur with whatever acrylic or leftover spray paint you have lying around.
  4. When dry, take a sharp box cutter and cut a hole in the back of your dinosaur. Try not to stab yourself or cut your fingers off. If you have an awl or something sharp to poke holes through plastic, poke some holes in the shape you want to cut out, and it’ll make cutting the plastic easier. Again, try not to stab yourself.
  5. Gently stick your little plant in the hole (you might need some extra dirt to fill the tail end of the dinosaur. Or pebbles. Now that I’m thinking of it, they’d probably provide good drainage.

If you’re wondering what’s in Plantasaurus’ hands, it’s the piece from his back that the kiddo put there so it’d look like he was reading a book. Because ignorance and illiteracy is what REALLY led to the dinosaurs’ extinction.
Not feeling the crafty vibe or wish to avoid possibly stabbing yourself? Etsy has a ton of little plant critters for sale in all sorts of colors and dinosaurs.

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  1. I LOVE THIS! so much so that i am yelling it at you. we are just digging and planning our garden now, and i cannot wait to put crazy-colored, plant-filled animals all over the place. brilliant.

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