Project 300: The Perfect 365 Project for Imperfect People

Project 300: A 365 Project for Imperfect People

January 1st arrived last week and with it, a new round of 365 Projects on the internet. You know, the “doing _______ every single day for a year” projects. I’m inspired by and in awe of folks who complete these projects (Amy Turn Sharp’s “A Poem a Day for a Year” and Lisa Congdon’s “365 Days of Hand Lettering” were my favorites from last year.) However, my two previous attempts at 365 Projects both ended with me abandoning the projects once the streak of perfection was broken. So this year I created Project 300.

Project 300 Is…

So Project 300 is 365 days for you to complete 300 days of __________________. You pick it. Snapping photos, writing poetry, trying new recipes, jogging…whatever you’ve been toying with the idea of doing more of this year.

For me, Project 300 involves reviving my Nouns, Verbs, and Other Parts of Life photo project from a few years ago, but expanded into a Me-Mo Book. I’ll snap, doodle, and jot about words that reflect what’s happening in my daily life over the next year.

WHY 300?

1) The truth is there is very little I want to do every. single. day. It’s like that whole favorite food dilemma- sure, pizza might be your favorite food, but do you really want to eat it every day? (Ok, I could eat cheese every day, but for the purposes of this argument, let’s stick to the pizza example.)

I mean, no matter how much you love an activity, some days you’re just not feelin’ it, and I want to be OK with that rather than feel guilty or stressed for skipping a day.

2) Because my project involves, photos, doodles, & notes, I bought a photo album to keep it all in. project_300-1

It fits 300 photos, a nice round number that gives you plenty of wiggle room to take Sundays off, take a week off, skip the month of January if you want…whatever you need or want to feel good about your project.

How about it? Care to join me in Project 300? It’s not too late! Pick a project idea, decide how you will track it and leave me a comment below.

Have you already started on a 365 Project? GREAT! Keep up the good work, but just know, that should you break your streak, all is not lost! You’re free to join me in Project 300 at anytime. In fact, I even made a little badge for bloggers who want to share about Project 300 on their own blogs.

Project 300 button

UPDATE: Hooray!! Thanks to Geri of The Languid Lion, we now have proper buttons! Just copy and paste the above code into your sidebar or wherever you want to display your badge. Thanks again, Geri. ;)
(You can right-click “copy image” to use on your blog. I need to figure out how to make it link back here so I can explain Project 300 to the new folks…if you know how to do this, or know of a quick tutorial to help make that happen, I’d appreciate a push in the right direction!)

But first, You. Project 300. Leave a comment about your plans.
xoxo Nic


  1. This is such a great idea, I plan to paint or draw something at least 300 days this year.

    • Awesome! I think 300 gives us all a nice round number to work towards and leaves us with a nice body of work or accomplishments by year’s end! Good luck, Glenda, hope you’ll keep checking in this year! xo Nicole

  2. This is a great idea! I had been thinking about doing a weekly or daily project but didn’t start on New year’s Day and I was put off by the fact I hadn’t started “on time”. I’ll definitely try to come up with a good project and follow along with this. Can’t wait to see everyone else’s projects!

  3. What an awesome idea. I started a 365 (photo a day) project but when the perfectionist creeps in… It becomes hard…either kill the the B or join the 300! : )
    Happy New Year!

  4. This is such a cool idea… I’m going to get better at my line drawing illustrations, so I choose that as my project. Awesome! Thanks, Nicole ;-)

  5. This is perfect! 300 is much more doable than 365, especially given that I’ve already lost 19 days of the year trying to find a year-long project to do. So I’m going to give this a go & commit to sketching for at least 300 days this year. Woo!

  6. Doodles…sketching…300 days….I have dusted off the sketch book and I am officially joining in!

  7. Hello, this has been a productive tear so far, I have completed more art projects than I ever dreamed possible. So far I have completed over 130 projects. Will I make 300? Not sure, but I will give it a good try. Will follow up again in November.

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