So This Happened…

Last fall Chronicle Books put out a call for Instagram photo submissions for a book to be titled, This Is Happening, #Life through the Lens of Instagram.


This is the book.

And as it turns out, one of photos that I submitted made it into the book. Read more…


Delicious Doodling- Powerballs

Hi all!

Just popping in to share my post this month for Oh My! Handmade Goodness. The theme over there is “Summer Camp”, and I just happen to be helping out with summer camp at my son’s former preschool. A few weeks ago we made Powerballs with the kids, so I doodled up the version of them that I make at home and shared it as a printable illustrated recipe. Read more…

FL Motel Signs Update


Just wanted to share more of my FL motel signs photos from Instagram. I know not everyone is on there, plus I like creating this photo grids of the signs to get a feel for them as a group.


For a while I was taking photos around town, away from the coast, but I found myself venturing into some shady parts of town and motels that NO ONE was booking for a fun in the sun vacation (hello, Gateway to Hell Motel). So I headed back out to the coastal areas for more Florida vacation, beach inspired motel signs. The series has hit a lull for the moment, mostly because I need to get my butt back out to the beach, but recent events have severely cut into my summer fun (more on that later).

Hope your summer is off to a great start!


Project 300 Update #4


Confession: I’m a little behind on my Project 300. This is a actually a screenshot of the Evernote note where I’ve been keeping reminders of days that I wanted snap, doodle, and jot about for my Project 300. Read more…

Creativity Exercise: Fill In the Blobs

Fill_in_the_blobsI love doodle exercises and lately I’m seeing a ton of books full of these creativity exercises, but I often find they’re a little too “filled in” for me. Perhaps some folks like having this additional  creativity help, but I feel like it squashes my creativity when the exercise pages are too complete or when I’m given too many instruction. Read more…

Florida Motel Sign Designs


Drive around any coastal town in Florida and you’ll find an endless array of little mom and pop-type motels that run the gamut from total craphole dive to retro boutique. Read more…



I posted a picture of this on Instagram on Monday, but here’s my big $1.50 “gardening” project from this weekend and how I did it. Read more…



I drew this logo-inspired doodle after treating my little dude and myself to Five Guys for lunch the other day. Man, it was gooood. Read more…


Project 300: Update #3

I know, I know, it’s been forever since I shared a Project 300 update, but I really have been keeping up with it, I swear! Granted, it’s not been on a daily basis and I’ve been catching up and filling in missing entries every couple of weeks, but I’m still going and I hope you are, too! Read more…

Creative Biz Tending


Well, hi there. Remember me? I used to blog here? Yeah, I sort of disappeared to do some soul searching and creative biz contemplating, and I’ve come to realize my little Three By Sea garden is in need of some major reworking. Read more…

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