So This Happened…


Last fall Chronicle Books put out a call for Instagram photo submissions for a book to be titled, This Is Happening, #Life through the Lens of Instagram. This is the book. And as it turns out, one of photos that I submitted made it into the book. I had no idea it had been officially […]

Delicious Doodling- Powerballs


Hi all! Just popping in to share my post this month for Oh My! Handmade Goodness. The theme over there is “Summer Camp”, and I just happen to be helping out with summer camp at my son’s former preschool. A few weeks ago we made Powerballs with the kids, so I doodled up the version […]

FL Motel Signs Update


Just wanted to share more of my FL motel signs photos from Instagram. I know not everyone is on there, plus I like creating this photo grids of the signs to get a feel for them as a group. For a while I was taking photos around town, away from the coast, but I found […]

Project 300 Update #4


Confession: I’m a little behind on my Project 300. This is a actually a screenshot of the Evernote note where I’ve been keeping reminders of days that I wanted snap, doodle, and jot about for my Project 300.

Creativity Exercise: Fill In the Blobs


I love doodle exercises and lately I’m seeing a ton of books full of these creativity exercises, but I often find they’re a little too “filled in” for me. Perhaps some folks like having this additional  creativity help, but I feel like it squashes my creativity when the exercise pages are too complete or when […]

Project 300: Update #3


I know, I know, it’s been forever since I shared a Project 300 update, but I really have been keeping up with it, I swear! Granted, it’s not been on a daily basis and I’ve been catching up and filling in missing entries every couple of weeks, but I’m still going and I hope you […]

Creative Biz Tending


Well, hi there. Remember me? I used to blog here? Yeah, I sort of disappeared to do some soul searching and creative biz contemplating, and I’ve come to realize my little Three By Sea garden is in need of some major reworking.